The Beginning


In late May of 1989, Randy Skaggs was dealt a disastrous financial blow by a man who cheated him in a business deal. The consequences were devastating: he lost everything he owned including his home in Northern Kentucky. With nothing left to his name but $35 in cash and a few personal belongings, Randy moved to rural, eastern Appalachian Kentucky. There, rather than reside with relatives if it meant giving up his seven beloved rescued dogs, Randy chose to live with his canine companions in an old, run-down tool trailer on the site of an abandoned oil well operation. There, for four long months - without running water, indoor plumbing or any other modern-day convenience - Randy remained loyal to his faithful Prussia, Sadie Bear, Trixie, Candi, Barney, Bessie, and Hamid.


Later in September of that same year, Randy found a little, empty house in the woods. Soon, he had made arrangements for all of them to move into their new home. But, after only a few months of living there happily together, his precious baby Trixie was attacked by other dogs while he was away; Randy was devastated.











One week later, to the very day, hour and minute - Randy, brokenhearted, knelt on the very same spot where just the week before he held little Trixie in his arms as she peacefully, quietly slipped away and died in his arms. With overwhelming grief and tears of sadness running down his face, he pledged to both himself and to his beloved, departed Trixie - that just like he had found and rescued her only a few years earlier, he would now do the same for other unwanted, abandoned, and abused animals - all in her precious memory, all in her name. And on that cold and dreary wintry afternoon of January 22, 1990, Randy began The Trixie Foundation.

Today, 26 years later, The Trixie Foundation is increasingly making a name for itself both regionally and nationally - a catalyst for changing the way animals are treated throughout Kentucky, Appalachia and America...

A picture of Trixie, the dog that started it all...

The Trixie Foundation, Post Office Box 1, Webbville, Kentucky 41180